Part NumberVoltageCurrentPackageDatasheet
MSA12D10C1200 Volts10 AmpsTO-220 2LDownload
MSA12D05C1200 Volts5 AmpsTO-220 2LDownload

SiC Schottky Diodes


Part NumberVoltageCurrentPackageDatasheet
MSA12N080A1200 Volts20 AmpsTO-247 3LContact us

Monolith delivers SiC Schottky diodes and SiC 
power MOSFETs for demanding applications.

Reliability is a non-negotiable requirement for all power electronics applications. Monolith Semi has focused on developing the most reliable Silicon Carbide MOSFETs available.  

Read further for detailed reliability characterization by NIST, projecting 100 year life even at extreme temperatures of 300°C.


Contact us to find out how to our advanced Silicon Carbide diodes and MOSFETs can meet your needs.

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