The wind may come and go. Be ready when it blows.

The high-temperature capability of Monolith Semiconductor devices is great for high-power density and high-temperature applications. But in applications like wind power, you want to keep device temperatures low.

Monolith's high-temperature device reliability means that have more temperature headroom for derating, giving you higher reliability and longer mean time to failure. Also, the significantly reduced switching losses come for free in every device, further reducing the junction temperature. And one more thing, the peak current stresses are reduced too.

Higher efficiency, increased uptime and lower warranty costs. For you and your customers, it's a win-win-wind.

Powering Further

This is where Monolith Semiconductor's devices really shine. Monolith's world-leading reliability and cost-effective devices means that underhood applications are finally within your reach.

With reduced switching and conduction losses than IGBTs, Monolith's devices are well suited for traction drives, load inverters, DC-DC converters and charging stations.

Now go get moving.

Silicon Carbide for your Applications

Powering More

Contact us to find out how to our advanced Silicon Carbide diodes and MOSFETs can meet your needs.

With the continuing drive to reduce installed cost of solar photovoltaic systems, you need to do everything you can to minimize your system costs while maintaining efficiency. With low switching losses and low conduction losses, Monolith Semiconductor devices give you improved efficiency even at higher operating frequency.

Monolith's proprietary design allows you to simplify your solar inverter topology, improve efficiency and increase switching frequency. All these factors, along with our world-leading high-temperature rating means that you can significantly reduce your bill-of-materials cost.

So go ahead, paint your inverter housing in rossa corsa. 

Datacenters and UPS

Powering Cooler

Any energy loss in data center power supplies is a double-whammy. First, you just lost the energy. Second, you have to run your air conditioning harder to get rid of that wasted energy.

The low conduction and switching losses of Monolith Semiconductor devices mean that you reduce your total converter losses. The improved efficiency will pay off in offset energy cost almost before the paint dries on the server rack.

Now sit back, turn down the AC and watch the kilowatt-hours disappear. 

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